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*Flavors available are White, Vanilla, Yellow, Milk Chocolate and Devils Chocolate.


Based on the labor required to make, create and decorate your cake along with estimated costs of ingredients with Desposit.

Deposits and Payments

1. There is a $25.00 Deposit is to be paid for reserving your date. In the event of cancellation your deposit is NON-REFUNDABLE WITH NO EXCEPTIONS.

2. In addition to the deposit, a 50% Down Payment is expected at the time of reservation. In the event of cancellation the down payment will be refunded within 90 days.

3. The Final Payment is due 10 days prior to your wedding date. If payment has not been received, we reserve the right to refuse your order.

4. Payment must be made ONLY by cash, money order, or check.

Changes to Order

1. Any changes will affect the final cost of the cake and will be included in the amount due.

2. Only the Client, the signatory on this contract, and no other individual is authorized to make changes to this contract.

3. The date of the final payment, is the final date for any change to the number of servings required.

4. All details and changes must be made in writing as an addendum to this contract and must be signed by both contractor and Client.

Serving Amounts and Sizes

1. Serving amounts provided by standard shape cakes are based on the wedding industry standard of eight (8) cubic inches of cake per serving: generally a 1inch wide x 2 inch long x 4 inch high slice of cake.

2. Specialty carved cake serving amounts is estimated and are not guaranteed to be exact.

3. The client understands and accepts these terms and variables and has ordered accordingly.

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